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Monthly Bookkeeping

As a business owner it is important to have your financial information accurate and organized.  We can help you to create important reports and tracking so that you can make decisions to benefit your company.  Financial information is important for more then just taxes.  When you have the right tools and understand how to use them you can make smart decisions for your company.  That's where we come in we will get you organized and create accurate finacial information then help you to understand and find the right reports to move your company in a positive direction.  Book a free consultation for us to review your accounts and get started today.

We can create a budget for your company

Why have a budget for your company?  Budget can keep you on track for spending and income projections.  They are a great tool to work towards positive growth and profits.

We use a program called uncat so that you can easily answer questions we may have on transaction
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Book a Consultation

We do a 30 minute introduction to our company. We will also review your account transactions and services you need. Based on this information, you will receive a fixed monthly fee for bookkeeping

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On Boarding

We gather the information needed to enter and track all of your financial transactions. You will be set up with a client portal and a dedicated bookkeeper to help keep track and support any questions about all your ongoing financial information.

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You will receive specialized reports monthly along with instruction to review. If you signup for the monthly consultations we will also meet with you to explain the all of your financial information.

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